Festung Hohenwerfen

Let’s move on in our Amazing Austria ‘revealing the pictures’ series with this pic:

aa10This beautiful pic is of the Fortress Hohenwerfen, or Festung/Burg Hohenwerfen, as we call it in Austria. It stands high above the Austrian town of Werfen, close to the World of the Ice Giants. The castle is over 900 years old and much loved among Austrians. In fact, looking at the pictures and writing this post has made me all sentimental, thinking back on that day when my parents took me and my brother on a day trip to explore the castle when we were still little kids. I remember how much I loved it. The history. The Falcon/Eagle Show. The Concerts. The Theater Performances. The Folk Tales around the castle. Going to Hohenwerfen is also a great idea for a date as they have a romantic castle tavern there with view of the surrounding mountains and the city in the valley, as well as a weapons exhibit, and a medieval shop.festung_hohenwerfen_-_23112006_3-thumb-1024xauto-56494






By the way, the exterior shots of the castle were used as a French hotel in the movie Just Married as well as in the TV mini series The 10th Kingdom, in which it represented the Snow White Memorial Prison.Festung Hohenwerfen



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